ASI international relations

ASI5 abroad

Students in their final year can spend their first semester abroad. In 2006, 34% of students chose this option. They also have the possibility to extend their stay to do their engineer internship there.

The regular destinations (in red on the map) are :

  • Germany (Univ. Kaiserslautern)
  • England (Cranfield Univ.)
  • Austria (Technische Univ. Wien)
  • Spain(Univ. Politécnica de Valencia)
  • Finland (Univ. of Tampere)
  • Ireland (Univ. of Limerick)
  • Netherlands (Deft Univ.)
  • Canada (Concordia Univ., McGill Univ.)
  • New Zealand, Japan, ...

Foreign students in ASI

Every year the ASI department welcomes foreign students (countries in blue on the map) in its education program. These students can follow the entire education program, or attend classes for one or two semesters (which is the case for erasmus students, for example).