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LITIS EA 4108  
UFR Sciences, Dept Physics
University of Rouen




LITIS EA 4108  
UFR Sciences, University de Rouen
Avenue de l'Université
76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray

Phone : (33) (0)  
Fax :    (33)  (0)


This is my email while I was at INSA, and the one that I  use most frequently. You can also reach me at the univ account by replacing  "insa" with "univ".

Research Interests
  • Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines Algorithm
  • Kernel Design
  • Sparsity and variable selection
  • Wavelet and Time-Frequency Signal Analysis
  • Signal Classification
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces 
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Publications   Google Scholar page

Softwares and Toolboxes

SVM and Kernel Methods Matlab code and related softwares
BCI Competition III : paper and code available
SimpleMKL,  Multiple Kernel Learning
CKL toolbox,  Composite Kernel Learning
DCLasso, Sparse approximation with concave penalties
M-Spars,  Simultaneous Sparse Approximation
HessianMKL, Second Order method for MKL
FilterSVM, Large margin filtering
WaveletKL, wavelet kernel learning
sparseMTL, sparse kernel multi-task learning
ADMM-DL, ADMM methods for Dictionary Learning
SparseInfinitePush, ADMM methods for sparse support vector infinite push
DirectDictionaryLearning, Dictionary learning toolbox
InfiniteFeatureLearning, Learning with infinite number of features

Current PhD students

Maxime Sangnier, co-advised with J. Gauthier
Abir Zribi Besbes, co-advised with M. Bérar

Past PhD Students

Vincent Guigue (PhD 2005), assistant professor, Univ. Paris VI
Frederic Suard (PhD, 2006),  Researcher, CEA Saclay
Rémi Flamary (PhD, 2011), assistant professor, Univ. Nice
Florian Yger (PhD, 2013), Postdoc, Univ Rouen

Date de mise à jour : 1/2014