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Brief Bio

Research Activities

Research Interests

  • Kernel methods and related Support Vector Machines
  • Regularization Paths
  • Sparse coding
  • Multi-task learning

Past Phd Students

  • Karina Zapien,  [Phd Thesis]

  • Gregory Mallet, Dynamic Statistical Models for Radar Applications (Joint project with Thalès Ymare funded by Région Haute-Normandie)

  • Xilan Tian, Syudy of kernel machines towards Brain-Computer Interfaces

  • François Allain, Statistical learning methods for metaproteomics in environmental microbiology. Joint supervision with Jean Armengaud and Olivier Pible (CEA)

Current Phd Student

  • Imad Rida, feature learning and signal classification

See here for more materials.


  • Matrix Computation

  • Data-Mining/Machine learning

  • Dynamical systems and Linear Control

Detailed descriptions of the courses are available here.


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