Selected Publications


G. Gasso, Batch and online approaches for constrained classification: Neyman-Pearson and q-value classification, Seminar of GDR ISIS, Paris, 2011

G. Gasso, Regularization Frontier in Machine Learning, Tutorial of ECML PKDD, Antwerp, 2008

G. Gasso, DC approach for a family of non-convex problems in machine learning, Seminar of GDR ISIS Paris, 2014

Journal, Book Chapters

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Conference Proceedings

F. Yger, M. Berar, G. Gasso, A. Rakotomamonjy, Adaptive Canonical Correlation Analysis based on Matrix Manifolds. Proc. of ICML 2012

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K. Pekpe, G. Gasso, G. Mourot, and J. Ragot, Subspace identication of switching model, in Proc. of 13th IFAC Symposium on System Identication
(SYSID'03), 2003