DataBases I


Teacher coordinatorGéraldine Del Mondo
Teacher(s)Géraldine Del Mondo, Pierrick Tranouez
TeachingLectures : 12h Exercises : 16h30
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Aim and objective

Understand the main principles underlying modeling and manipulation of relational databases :

  • Know how to create a database design diagram (e.g. E-A)
  • Know how to move from this very high level model to a relational model
  • Know how to be critical on the model obtained in particular with the theory of normalization
  • Know the operators of relational algebra and some notions of query optimization
  • Know the principles of data storage and managing data access competition
  • implement database relationships and their integrity constraints
  • implement the views, and know the issues related to their update
  • deal with data rights management
  • query on the database

Outcome learning

  • INSA reference data :
    • Maîtriser un langage d'interrogation de base de données [3P]
  • CNISF reference data :
    • J10A [3P]
    • J40B [3I]
    • J80Y [3P]
1 - Notion, 2 - Concept, 3 - Application, I - fully, P - incomplete

Course description

  • Introduction
  • Relational model
  • Database conception (normal forms)
  • Relational algebra
  • SQL
  • Grants/Integrity
  • Views
  • Basic principles of concurrence and storage



Principles of database and knowledge-base systems / Jeffrey D. Ullman


  • Final exam: 70%
  • Practical exam: 30%
  • Online self assessment: penalties apply if not done