In order to better prepare the future ASI engineers, the department's education mixes :

  • a "classic" education based on lectures (CM), tutorials (TD) and labs (TP) that are called Education Units
  • an innovative education based on training by projects, through open UVs (projects offered by teachers but also by students) and Certified INSA Projects (projects by industrials). Two thirds of the education in semester 8 and 9 (second semester of ASI4 and first semester of ASI5) is based on training by projects

While in ASI3 the emphasis is mainly placed on basic knowledge and thus on the use of a classic education, from the 4th year students have the opportunity to specialize their education by choosing to follow open UVs. This materializes in semester 8 (second semester of ASI4) with the choice of one of the three options offered by the department :

  • Computer science option
  • Data mass option
  • Computer vision option

Moreover the projects carried out within UEs or open UVs often fit into larger projects called educational platforms.

There are currently the following educational platforms :

  • Robotics
  • FAQ translation
  • Le SI-ASI
  • Software industrialization
  • Smart home