Management of Computer Science Projects


Teacher coordinatorFrédéric Baucher
Teacher(s)Frédéric Baucher, Vesela Balev, Benjamin Coelho De Matos
TeachingLectures : 33h Exercises : 9h
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Aim and objective

The ability of managing large projects in which the computer science part is important (and becoming more and more important) Preparing student to the PIC by writting the Quality Plan and Configurations description.

Course description

  • Organisational schema of a company
    • basic concepts : direction, fonctional services, matrix organisation
    • human ressources management
  • Aims of the team management
    • Various job levels in a company
    • Team management technics
  • Basic principles for programming development
    • realisation process (specification , conception , integration)
    • charge evaluation (size of the code, risk management))
    • quality control (tests, ...)
  • Application on the Projet INSA Certifie (PIC)
    • Principles of the Configurations description
    • Principles of the quality plans
  • Application to the students' specific project


Quality, UMLP and Design Pattern


  • Normes internationnales (Cf. le site qualite de l'INSA de Rouen)
  • B. W. BOEHM---Software Engineering Economics, Edition Prentice-Hall Inc.
  • R. O. LEWIS---Independant Verification and Validation, a life cycle engineering process for quality software, Edition J. WILEY.
  • B. BEIZER---Software Testing Techniques, Edition Van Nostrand Reinhold
  • GEORGE, BROSSAIS, ROMAIN, MIALON, FICHOT, SCARDIA, DUCH--- Qualimétrie des Systèmes Complexes, Les Editions d'Organisation.
  • XANTHAKIS, MAURICE, de AMESCUA,HOURI, GRIFFET--- Test & Contrôle des Logiciels, Edition EC2.


  • Projet : 40%
  • Final : 60%