Computer Network


Teacher coordinatorNicolas Delestre
Teacher(s)Nicolas Delestre, Paul Tavernier, Nicolas Prunier, Cédric Foll, Romain Hérault, Sébastien Bonnegent
TeachingLectures : 21h Exercises : 42h
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Aim and objective

The objective of this course is to acquire theoretical and practical skills in computer networks. At the end of the course, the ASI engineer will be able to create, administer and manage LANs in a secure manner.

Outcome learning

  • INSA reference data :
    • Configurer un système d'exploitation [3P]
    • Concevoir un réseau informatique [3P]
  • CNISF reference data :
    • J40A [2P]
    • J40N [1P]
    • J60S [2P]
    • J80R [3P]
    • T40A [2I]
    • T10C [1P]
    • T10D [1P]
    • T40J [3P]
    • T40K [3I]
    • T40N [3P]
    • T70E [1P]
1 - Notion, 2 - Concept, 3 - Application, I - fully, P - incomplete

Course description

  • Introduction
  • The OSI model
  • The Internet model: Ethernet, IP, TCP and UDP
  • Network programming in C and Java
  • LAN technologies: Network and security infrastructures, Address translation, proxy servers, intrusion detection
  • Tunnels and VPNs
  • Cryptography and VPN
  • WLAN: 802.11 standard, Wifi and security
  • IPv6
  • Web Security


Operating Systems and Advanced Java programming


Réseaux et télécoms, Claude Servin, Dunod


  • Theoretical exam: 40%
  • Practical exam: 60%
  • Online self assessment or projects: penalties apply if not done