Web of Things and Services


Teacher coordinatorLaurent Vercouter
Teacher(s)Laurent Vercouter, Jamont Jean-Paul, Giustozzi Franco, Orange Labs Intervenants
TeachingLectures : 21h Exercises : 21h
OptionInformation engineering
Web site https://moodle.insa-rouen.fr/course/view.php?id=1216

Aim and objective

  • Knowledge about the different protocols for connected objects and their characteristics
  • Knowledge about how to define an integration architecture for connected objects and web services
  • Knowledge about how to integrate lightweight sensors into a gateway pattern with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino card
  • Understanding a research problem on the semantic representation of data from a web of things, using specific ontologies, for intelligent decision making
  • Producing a bibliographic report on a research project related to the web of things

Outcome learning

  • INSA reference data :
    • Maîtriser les techniques de test structurel et fonctionnel pour la performance et la non régression [3P]
  • CNISF reference data :
    • J10A [3P]
    • J10I [3I]
1 - Notion, 2 - Concept, 3 - Application, I - fully, P - incomplete

Course description

  • Introduction to the web of things
  • Typology of smart devices
  • Low-level communication protocols for the Internet of Things (SigFox, LoRa, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, ...)
  • Platforms for managing an Internet of Things (Jeedom, Webthings,...)
  • Web development languages (Node.js, REST API) for the web of things
  • Development of web servers on Raspberry Pi
  • Architecture patterns for the web of things
  • Lightweight protocols for a gateway pattern (CoaP, MQTT)
  • Ontologies for the web of things (SSN, Thing'in, ...)
  • Project implementation sessions


Computer network, distributed programming, web technologies


« Building the web of things », D. Guinard, V. Trifa, Manning eds, 2016


Exam : 50%, Project : 25%, bibliographic report : 25%